busy bee!

hi all-

my apologies for being so mia these days! it’s been a little nuts in my life recently- lots of great changes (hopefully can announce them soon), friends’ birthdays, family celebrations (my sister is graduating from college in a couple of weeks!), and just balancing all of this craziness in my life. i’m taking a little hiatus from this blog to focus on all of this excitement for the next few weeks, but i will be back very soon with some great new content!


highlights of the week

just when we thought this family literally could not get even cuter or more perfect, they surprise us. the duchess of cambridge shared that the royal family has a new pet– a little hamster named marvin for princess charlotte. princess charlotte really likes the little guy because his whiskers always tickle her face. how adorable!

 i love kristen bell and mila kunis- they’re both hilarious and just so real. this mother’s day episode from the ellen degeneres show had both of these funny ladies and their husbands, dax shepard and ashton kutcher, for a game of “never have we ever.” watch for a quick laugh!

if you have $21,000 worth of spending cash for a flight (that’s only for one way!!!), then check out this luxurious airbus a380 aircraft. even just the pictures of the aircraft and the perks are so nice

just finished your current novel? the book seer is a genius (and really fun) way of finding your next book to read!

how amazing and heartfelt is this story about the father and son duo who both earned degrees from Claflin University together? both stanley timmons and his son brandon johnson are graduating from the university with honors. can’t help but smile while reading this!

“not giving a f*ck”

excuse the profanity, but the title wasn’t my choice! i’ll explain further down below…

do you ever have those points in your life where everything is just too overwhelming? work is crazy, friends and family are difficult to balance, you don’t have the time or energy to get to the gym, etc… my life has been feeling like this recently and i’ve just felt so overwhelmed. a lot of people are so willing to help and listen, but it’s just really difficult to explain if you’re not going through the same situation. it sounds like i’m being dramatic, i know, and i kind of am. i know that i am so beyond blessed by having the best support system through my boyfriend, family, and friends, and i know that this is just a difficult time that will pass soon

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wednesday words of wisdom

“you know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick? then there’s other people, when you meet them you think, “not bad. they’re okay.” and then you get to know them and… and their face just sort of becomes them. like their personality’s written all over it. and they just turn into something so beautiful.”

– amy pond, the doctor

sweat it out

i am ashamed to admit how little i cared about working out during my college days. i was so active in high school, running straight to soccer practice or my track meets right after my last class. once i went away to college, i tried going to the gym, but i didn’t know how to use any of the machines and i honestly just didn’t want to make a fool of myself amongst my peers. i’ll admit that i definitely didn’t eat that healthy while away at school, but i managed to keep my weight the same throughout my four years. once i started work however, my eating habits and my lack of exercise definitely caught up with me

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mother’s day guide

with mother’s day just around the corner, i’m sure that there are a few of you out there who still haven’t thought of what to get your moms. a present definitely isn’t necessary, especially if she insists on not wanting anything, but i hope this helps if you’re still looking for that last minute gift!

i know personally that my mom loves when my sister and i come home to visit her when we can. she would definitely choose that over us sending her a gift, but since it’s so rare that she buys anything for herself, we love spoiling her when we can

taking her on a shopping date or a brunch date is always a great idea. i love brunch especially, because a.) who doesn’t love brunch food (creme brule french toast anyone?), and b.) there are so many great places to go to, especially in nyc.

but, if you’re looking for that perfect present for your mom, here are a few ideas:

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highlights of the week

i can’t believe it’s been two days since i’ve posted anything, but life has just gotten so nuts lately. tune in next week for a post about when balancing work, family, friends and life in general gets too overwhelming

do you think that you could live in just 350 sq. ft. of space? this couple does it, and does it quite well. it would definitely be an adjustment, but the idea of only living with the things you really need sounds pretty great

kelly ripa may be in media recently because of her live! cohost drama, but let’s just focus on how this woman still fits into wedding dress, 20 years later… insane!

here’s a simple little cheat on how to hide pesky tv chords. as necessary as these cords are (we all do want to watch tv, right?), they’re just an eyesore

i’m honestly a little confused about her pregnancy, but at least megan fox is humorous about it! also, i love her in new girl #notthefather

hilarious illustrations by sally nixon about what women do when no one is watching. “i wanted to show the way girls actually look, comfortably.”